R Public House Logo

The R Public House logo consists of two components:  a symbol and a wordmark. The established size and positioning relationships between these two components that define this logo must never be altered. The wordmark consists of specially created and spaced letter forms which may not be modified in any way. Be sure to use the approved artwork file rather than attempting to re-create the logo – Approved artwork can be found below on this page.

The symbol and wordmark must always be used together on all R Public House communications. The wordmark or symbol must never be displayed alone.

The R in the symbol is expressed in one color; CMYK: 1, 99, 97, 0. This red must be used consistently across all internal and external communications. Great care should be taken to ensure accurate color reproduction when the logo is applied to all types of paper and materials, as well as web and broadcast channels.

Pre-Approved Modifications:

• All Black: please use this color option only on black
and white materials.

• All White: please use this color option only on black
and white materials or dark backgrounds.

Please obtain approval from R Public House if you have a unique situation requiring an exception of these guidelines prior to production. Please consult with us for approval – Info@RPublicHouse.com


Download R Public House Logo Files (.png)